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COVID-19 & Pregnancy

27.04.2021 - New Recommendations

Current Recommendations regarding COVID vaccination during pregnancy


FOPH (Federal Office of Public Health in Switzerland) recommends: Current vaccination of all pregnant women in the 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy 

  • with chronic diseases considered to be at high risk for COVID-19.

  • with increased risk of exposure to COVID-19 disease (esp. health care workers).

  • vaccination with mRNA vaccine (no live viruses)


Concrete Procedures: 

  • Clarification of advantages/disadvantages by gynecologist, consent signed by pregnant woman.

  • Vaccination in a vaccination center: written prescription by gynecologist must be available. 

  • The pregnant woman must register herself online on cantonal vaccination registration website for appointment. 



Accidental mRNA-Covid-19 vaccination in early pregnancy is not a reason for termination of pregnancy. No damage to fertility has occurred in animal studies or in known cases of vaccination in early pregnancy. 



mRNA vaccination against COVID-19 is unrestricted. 

Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman
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