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Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing (Cryopreservation)

Feel free to read the following information, or download the full brochure here.

Why should you preserve your eggs?

Do you want children, but have not found the right match just yet? Or perhaps you are feeling pressured by your “biological clock”? It is fully possible to collect your own eggs and to freeze them, so they can be preserved and used when you feel ready to start a family through fertility treatment.

Who is egg freezing best suited for?

Egg freezing is an optimal solution if you;

  • are a single woman or have endometriosis but desiring to have children;

  • are sick and need chemotherapy (cancer or autoimmune disease);

  • oppose embryo freezing due to ethical reasons.

How does the egg freezing process work?

Your ovaries are stimulated with hormonal injections, in order to be able to withdraw the maximum number of eggs possible. Two weeks after the therapy begins, your eggs are withdrawn and then frozen. In Switzerland, your eggs can be frozen for up to 10 years. When you decide the time is right to become pregnant, your eggs can be thawed and fertilized. Afterwards, the emerging embryo will be placed in the uterus. We will individually discuss your chances with you and tailor your treatment to optimize your chances. The younger the woman is at the moment of the egg retrieval, the higher the chance for one or more babies.

What is the cost of egg freezing?

At the Fertility Clinic Basel, the total cost of one cycle never exceeds SFr 5500.- (including anesthetist, medications, and freezing). For the fertilization process later on (through IVF or ICSI) the maximum cost for de-freezing cycles Sfr 3400.

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