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In Vitro Fertilisation

The IVF-Therapy

The IVF therapy starts with a hormonal ovarian stimulation aiming at ripenning several follicles within the ovaries. Through this procedure, chances to obtain a pregnancy increase considerably. The Doctor then removes the oocytes from the vagina using a fine needle under ultrasound control in the ART Viollier laboratory (Assisted Reproductive Technology). This procedure takes place in presence of an anesthesiologist whose task is to make sure that the patient doesn't feel any pain. However, this is not a narcosis. Later, the oocytes are being brought to the sperms in a test tube. The inseminated oocytes will then be introduced into the womb. This method is particularly wise when the fallopian tubes are blocked. 

From the first meeting until the oocytes taking one should count at least two months. 

It is true that the in vitro fertilization is known as «artificial fertilization». To be more accurate, one has to mention that this is not the fertilization that is artificial, but merely the place where it takes place.

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