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Fertility Coaching

Coaching for couples who wish to have children

As a specialist in the field of infertility coaching, I have been accompanying couples with an unfulfilled desire to have children for many years. I would like to support you on the path of your desire to have children - to help you find ease and serenity again and to accompany you in your challenging task, which life has set for you.


The close cooperation with specialists in reproductive medicine and psychological counseling contributes significantly to success.


Currently, due to COVID-19, I accompany patients mainly by phone, Zoom or Facetime. 


How I work:

I first discuss an achievable goal with my patient. This will help them achieve a new attitude towards life and regain confidence, strength and trust. In doing so, I work with different methods, always tailored to your very personal need.


  • I uncover your unconscious goals

  • You will be supported in decision-making issues and gain clarity

  • as well as certainty about the further path of your desire to have a child

  • Support during the treatment of insemination, ICSI/IVF,

  • egg donation, sperm donation

  • Support during pregnancy and birth preparation

  • Reconditioning of fear, stress,... into confidence and relaxation

  • Goal visualization through autogenic and mental training

  • Methods for "letting go" and optimization of receptivity

  • Tree analysis according to K. Koch - clarification of psychography (Yin-Yang imprinting)

  • I will give you instruments for self-application at home


A very proven and also simple method for rapid improvement of your condition, is the Autogenic Training, hypnosis / deep relaxation.


Psychology Praxis
Gabriela Cueni-Schafer
Chrützlirain 7 | 4243 Dittingen

Telephone: 061 761 43 59

Mobile: 076 3959245


Opening Times:

Monday to Saturday by arrangement

At the moment mainly telephone consultation and accompaniment.

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