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Treatment Costs

Cost example

  • Ovaries stimulation | tablets and ultrasound: CHF 150.–

  • Ovaries stimulation | tablets and insemination: CHF 500.–

  • Ovaries stimulation | daily injections: CHF 600.–

  • Ovaries stimulation | injections + insemination: CHF 1100.–

  • The insemination with the partner's sperm (no foreign sperm!) is being covered by the health insurance for 3 cycles per pregnancy.

  • Overall costs for an in-vitro fertilisation or ICSI, freezing included (cryopreservation): CHF 8'500.-- at the most.

  • Unfreezing cycle for IVF/ICSI: approx. CHF 2'000.--

Health insurance

In Switzerland, fertility therapies are being covered by the health insurance for a year and per pregnancy at the most. The overall costs for a fertilisation outside of the body (IVF or ICSI) are not covered by the health insurance.


The health insurace covers 3 inseminations with the partner's sperm (no foreign sperm) per pregnancy.

Tax Deduction

The treatment costs can be deducted from the taxes as «healing costs borne by the patient». However, the deductible amount depends on the assessed income according to the respective canton. 

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