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Shiatsu for Relaxation

The Japanese term Shiatsu literally means finger pressure. The roots of this treatment method lie in traditional Chinese philosophy and health teachings. The principle of Yin and Yang and the doctrine of the five phases of change are of central importance. As with acupuncture, the understanding of the body is based on a division into meridians (energy channels), in which the all-encompassing life energy, the Ki, flows.


The physical - mental - spiritual condition of a person is therefore an expression of the distribution and flow of Ki. Through gentle pressure on the meridians with the heel of the hand, thumb, elbow and knee, the energy flow is stimulated in a balancing way.


Shiatsu supports the healing power. Congestion and blockages that are felt as discomfort, tension, stiffness in the body or as pain can be alleviated and sustainably released.


Shiatsu is recommended:

  • to support the recovery process in case of illness and after an accident

  • in case of chronic complaints 

  • nervousness and lack of concentration

  • in case of physical/mental stress, depressive moods, burnout

  • as a beneficial and supportive accompaniment during pregnancy, birth preparation and the postpartum period

  • for menstrual and menopausal problems

  • as an accompaniment during fertility therapies


Since various stress factors can have a negative effect on fertility, the team of doctors at the Fertility Clinic also supports and recommends complementary therapy methods such as Shiatsu to women and couples. For many years I have been accompanying women/couples through the, often demanding, treatment period of various fertility therapies with Shiatsu with much joy and conviction. An appreciative and respectful encounter is very important to me in order to be able to clarify your current needs and concerns in a trusting manner in an initial consultation.

What does a treatment look like:

You lie on a comfortable mat (futon) on the floor. The treatment is performed on the clothed body and lasts about an hour. The mindful, sensitive and clear touch leads to deep physical relaxation, a feeling of spaciousness and lightness, more inner peace and balance. A better body feeling creates confidence, gives new strength and courage, helps to achieve more clarity in feeling, thinking and decision-making. 



Initial treatment (90 minutes) CHF 154.00

Follow-up treatments (60 minutes) CHF 132.-. 

With the appropriate additional insurance, many health insurance companies grant a partial reimbursement of the treatment costs.


Training and further education:

  • Complementary therapist with federal diploma Shiatsu method

  • Baby Shiatsu, Aceki / Shônishin

  • Intensive care nurse

  • Adult educator AEB

  • since 1999 working in her own Shiatsu practice

  • several years of teaching in Shiatsu



Charlotte Huggel

Eulerstrasse 58

CH - 4051 Basel


Phone: 061 261 28 58

Mobile: 076 428 28 58


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