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Visibility Coaching

Accompaniment in case of desire to have children

The emergence of life is a miracle and cannot be taken for granted. The time of wanting a child can be a great psychological challenge and omnipresent in everyday life. It can be a roller coaster of emotions and the whole world revolves around the desire to have a child.


Many different aspects of the wish for a child can be supported in cooperation with your gynecologist. I am happy to walk this path with you and your partner.


As a coach IBP I work with the integration of all levels of the human being - body, mind & soul. We work in the "here and now". I lovingly guide you through active listening, clarity, positive energy and confrontational questions. The body with its precious treasures takes an important place and helps us to find answers. Humor and laughter also have their place. In my "being visible coaching" we formulate goals clearly and approach them in a structured way, always leaving room for "what is happening right now".


As a trained physiotherapist, I can support you in case of tension with a targeted massage or I use the Therapeutic Women's Mass.

I like to use conscious breathing, the use of visualizations, deep relaxation, constellations and much more. Sometimes it just needs a little oasis and a window as a time out with maybe a meditation....


I support you individually in your personal childbearing process:

  • You can perceive fears and these can be solved.

  • We reduce stress and pressure, go into relaxation and work with the subconscious.

  • You learn again to communicate with your own body, to trust it and thus to draw new strength and positive energy.

  • Experiences become visible and can be accepted and let go.

  • We create space to deal with hope, joy, disappointment, sadness, anger and hope again.... to deal with.

  • The imprinting of the prenatal time can be a topic.

  • You can carry what you have learned into your everyday life and use it, etc.


If you are interested or have any questions, I am available by phone or mail and we can make an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Visibility Coaching

Regula Dettwiler
Goldbachweg 14
4058 Basel

Telephone: +41 (0)79 798 65 28

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