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Your Fertility Doctors

Dr. Spira

Dr. Jean Claude Spira

Specialist in Reproduction

Dr. Jean Claude Spira

Dr. Jean-Claude Spira, the founder of the Fertility Clinic Basel, is one of the Swiss pioneers in the field. He has been working for numerous years as a specialist in reproduction and the treatment of fertility problems. Currently, he is the President of the Quality Circle of the specialists in reproduction in the northwest of Switzerland.


In 1998, after a long experience in the treatment of sterility, he set up the Fertility Clinic Basel inhis capacity as specialist in reproduction and gynecological endocrinology FMH. Together with his team Dr. J-C Spira offers state-of-the-art quality standards based on his experience and skills.


He is the father of three children and speaks German, French, Italian and Spanish. He dedicates his spare time to his three daughters, which allows him to find the necessary strength and inspiration for his work. Cooking, music and sport also belong to his passions.

Dr. Erika Ocon

Dr. med. Ocon has worked in the field of infertility since 2006. From 2013 onwards, she has run a practice of her own, which had initially been established in 1998 by Dr. med. Jean-Claude Spira.


The work of this practice is focussed on the treatment of infertility. The services we offer range from discussions offering advice to the provision of support for couples who want children, further investigations to infertility treatments and invasive therapies. Gynaecology and obstetrics represent the other focuses of our attention. Support for infertile couples is provided within an extremely discreet framework. We place an extremely high value on dealing with each couple on a very personal basis and investigate their requirements in great depth. 


We travel together on this sometimes emotional path towards the goal. I will be standing by your side, providing you with care and support.


Dr. Erika Ocon

Specialist in Reproduction

Dr. Ocon

Our Philosophy


Trust and commitment

Thanks to its experts in the fields of medicine and reproduction, the Fertility Clinic Basel is specialised in the treatment of the complex reasons of childlessness.

We collaborate with experienced specialists and can offer our support while using the latest methods matching your needs in order to make your dream become reality. For us, your well-being as well as state-of-the-art medical standards are the number one priority. 

We make sure that our patients can take advantage of the best advice, care and treatment. Flexibility, top quality as well as a great individual commitment are guaranteed.

Unser Team

Our Team


Carin Rothen

Medical Assistant

Skrallan Poetsch.jpg

Skrallan Lichtsteiner

Medical Assistant


Katrin Kleiner

Medical Assistant

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