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Reasons for Childlessness

Childlessness – Reasons for Infertility

In no way does infertility affect women only. In 30% of the childless couples, both partners are equally responsible for this situation. In 5 to 10% of the cases, one cannot dermine where the cause of infertility lies. In such cases, doctors talk about a so-called idiopathic infertility which causes can presumably be found on a psychological level. But factors such as overweight, cigarettes, acohol or stress can also play a role in having troubles conceiving.

The persons concerned often experience an emotional roller coaster ride: hopes, fear not to be able to meet the expectations, anger, disappointment, sadness, but also doubts about the partner often lead to stress and disputes. Tensions arise within the couple and the sexual life. Thus, a psychological aftercare during a fertility therapy is wise: it can help reduce the stress which is the result of expectations, hopes and fears over many years. Simultaneously, psychological and physical tensions fall. On the other hand, this improves the chances of getting pregnant.

Childlessness can be the result of different causes. Thus, childlessness is a problem which concerns both you and your partner. This is the reason why researching its reasons should always involve both partners.

Causes of Childlessness | Woman

Irritations of the maturation of the follicle and of the ovulation can be caused by hormonal disorders; they can also result from a surgical procedure, a radiotherapy, a chemotherapy procedure, through antibodies or due to older age. 

Dysfunctions of the egg transport result from inflammations and their cicatrisation. But this can also be the result of a surgical procedure. 

An obstacle to the sperm transport can be often attributed to an insufficient production of cervical mucus or to antibodies. 

It can happen that the embryo does not succeed in nesting (disturbed implantation). Responsible for this can be defects from inflammations and cicatrisations of the womb mucus, womb myoma or antibodies. 

The other possible causes of childlessness to be taken into account are stress, drugs abuse, unbalanced diet as well as environmental influences. Other possible reasons are operations or an endometriosis. 

Causes of Childlessness | Man

Troubles in the sperm production can be attributed to inflammations (mumps for instance), cryptorchidism, varices or hormonal dysfunctions.


Results from surgical procedure, chemotherapy or radiotherapy can also sometimes play a role. Yet, the reasons often remain without any answer.

Another possible reason is the fact that the sperm transport does not work properly, resulting from surgical procedures, inflammations or injuries. One must also take into account hereditary malformations as well as troubles to ejaculate caused by a nervous paralysis or impotence.

In the man also, one has to consider his mode of life (diet, drugs, environmental influences, stress) while making a diagnosis.

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