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Fertility Test

Fertility Test - First Things First

We invest a great amount of time in the first discussion! If possible, both partners should be attending. The past history of your wish to have a child, your medical records and the ones of your partner are important for us. We check all what you have undertaken so far. We need this information in order to define the future way of proceeding and the possible measures to take.

In order to guarantee that you will get an answer to each of your questions, we recommend you to draw up a list with the points you wish to clarify with us. It is very important for us to advise you in a thorough manner and to show you all the different ways open to you. In most cases, a couple comes to see us only after receiving several diagnosis and most of the time also after undergoing some treatments. It is of course judicious to avoid any redundant examinations. This is the reason why it is most useful, for you as well as for us, to have a file ready containing all examinations and treatments already performed.

In order to organize the first meeting in the best possible way, please let us have your medical records in advance (results and data sheet). You will find additional information under Diagnosis for the woman and Diagnosis for the man. 

We get to the bottom of things

The first meeting is followed by the first medical examinations. First, we check if the ovulation occurs on a regular basis. After a positive result, a spermiogram which dertermines the quality of the sperm is being performed. If this examination also proves to be positive, we will then check whether the fallopian tubes are free. The further procedure will depend on the results obtained.

Diagnosis For the Woman

  • Hormone test

  • Proof of ovulation

  • Ultrasound result

  • Hysterosalpingogram/X-ray examination of the womb and fallopian tubes

  • Surgery report (for instance laparoscopy, hysteroscopy)

Diagnosis For the Man

  • Spermiogram

  • Results of additional examinations, such as urological and andrological examinations.

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