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Fertility Coaching

With Gabriela Cueni-Schafer

Visibility Coaching

With Regula Dettwiler

As a specialist in the field of infertility coaching, I, Gabriela Cueni-Schafer, have been accompanying couples with an unfulfilled desire to have children for many years.


I would like to support you on the path of your desire to have children - to help you find ease and serenity again and to accompany you in your challenging task, which life has set for you.


The close cooperation with specialists in reproductive medicine and psychological counseling contributes significantly to success.

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The emergence of life is a miracle and cannot be taken for granted. The time of wanting a child can be a great psychological challenge and omnipresent in everyday life. It can be a roller coaster of emotions and the whole world revolves around the desire to have a child.


Many different aspects of the wish for a child can be supported in cooperation with your gynecologist. I am happy to walk this path with you and your partner.

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With Charlotte Huggel

The Japanese term Shiatsu literally means finger pressure. The roots of this treatment method lie in traditional Chinese philosophy and health teachings. As with acupuncture, the understanding of the body is based on a division into meridians (energy channels), in which the all-encompassing life energy, the Ki, flows.

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